Custom Photoblanket

Woven photoblankets with your photo and our embellishments create a unique gift sure to be treasured.



  1. What Type And Size Image Do You Need?

    We prefer a JPEG but we can accept the following formats: TIFF, PDF and BMP.  For those of you who are not familiar or comfortable with photo-editing we recommend submitting an image size of at least 1,000 pixels on the shorter dimension and a resolution of at least 150dpi. We'll crop the photo accordingly. If your photo is smaller we have tools that can often boost the size of an image without degrading the resolution. If we have an issue with your image we will contact you.

  2. How Soon Can I Expect to Receive My Order?

    Our products are highly personalized and woven on demand. Our typical turn around time averages about 3 weeks. This timing is impacted by volume and the production scheduling of certain products and colors. For these reasons we always suggest that you contact us for a more accurate estimate. If you need a product sooner please call us. We will, if at all possible, accommodate your timing.

  3. Can I Add Text To A Product?

    You can add text to many of our products. We provide one or more fields for text entry for those products which are eligible. We suggest that you let our designers determine the best placement for the text on our products.

  4. Can I Send A Photo For You To Scan?

    If you do not have scanning capability you can mail your photo to us and we'll scan it. There is no charge for this service. If mailing we recommend using a photo mailer to ensure proper care of your photograph during transit. Photos mailed to us will be returned with your order. We are not responsible for photographs lost or damaged in transit.

  5. Can I Put More Than One Photo On A Blanket?


  6. What If My Photo Is Not In A Digital Format?

    If your image is not in a digital format you can easily turn it into a digital file with the use of a scanner. We recommend scanning your image at 300 dpi to accomplish this. If the image is smaller than 5" x 7" please scan it at an even higher resolution. When scanning be sure to scan only the photo and not the entire scanner bed.

  7. What Color Will The Border Be?

    Our designers usually select a border color that compliments the colors of your photo. If you have a particular border color that you would like use to use just let us know. If you do not want a border on your blanket and would prefer that it "bleed" to the fringes we'll also be happy to accommodate your request.

  8. How / When Do I Pay For My Order?

    Payment for your order is required before we begin production. For your convenience we accept online payment through PayPal. You may also choose to pay by check. Please note that we will not begin production of you order until your check clears.

  9. Do You Ship Internationally?

    We ship worldwide. To locations outside of the United States we ship USPS Global Express Mail in order to have a tracking number.

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